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Bike Tune Ups and Services

Your Bike Technician Headquarters

We offer a wide range of maintenance and repair related services to meet all your cycling needs. Whether you simply need to tune up your trusty commuter bike or need complex repairs for your full suspension race bike, we’ve got you covered.  If you are not sure which type of service you need, just swing on by with your bike during operating hours.

Have You Already Purchased A Bike From Us?

Bike Doctor Care

At Bike Doctor, our commitment to quality products and superior customer service extends far beyond the initial sale. As a means of demonstrating our commitment to you, every new bicycle purchased from any of our stores comes with Bike Doctor Care.

Included in the First Year of Bike Doctor Care:

•     Front and Rear Brake adjustments*

•     Front and Rear Derailleur adjustments*

•     Safety Check

•     Tire Inflation

(*These adjustments apply to OEM parts and accessories only. If modifications are made to the initial specifications of the bicycle, the standard service charge will apply to that particular adjustment.) After the first year of Bike Doctor Care has passed, we will perform the safety check and tire inflation for free for the life of your bike. All other services will be charged at the standard shop rate.

The safety check includes ensuring that the quick releases are secure, checking the tightness of the handlebar and stem, inflation of the tires while inspecting their overall tread quality, a visual inspection to determine that the brakes are in proper working order, visually confirming that both wheels appear round and true, affirming that the saddle and seatpost are tight, and visually checking the derailleur hanger alignment. Aside from tightening the bolts and inflation of the tires, no brake, gear, or other adjustments will be made as part of the safety check.

If your bicycle has a mechanical malfunction within the first two weeks from the date of purchase, we guarantee that the bike will be fixed and returned to you promptly. (This is dependent on parts availability). If you need service any time after those two weeks, you will be put into the regular service queue for those adjustments.

Bike Tune Up Packages and Services

  • $79.00
  • Major Tune-up:

  • Get your bike ready to ride with our Major Bike Tune Up. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bike has undergone a complete safety check.

    • Safety Check
    • Brakes, Bearings and Derailleurs Adjusted
    • Wheels Trued
    • Tire Pressure Checked
    • Lubricate Chain Frame
    • Wheels Cleaned
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  • $139.99
  • Tune-Up Plus

  • Our most popular bike tune up service, the Tune-Up Plus ensures your bike is ready to roll safety-wise AND is clean as a whistle. 

    • Safety Check
    • Brakes, Bearings and Derailleurs Adjusted
    • Wheels Trued
    • Tire Pressure Checked
    • Lubricate Chain Frame
    • Wheels Cleaned
    • Removal of Chain, Cassette and Derailleurs For Cleaning
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  • $199.99
  • Complete Bicycle Overhaul

  • Looking for the “works?” Then the Complete Bicycle Overhaul is for you. Get your bike ready for the season and make sure its been thoroughly inspected, tuned up and cleaned.

    • Full Major Tune-up
    • Removal of all parts from frame
    • All bearings overhauled
    • New cables & Housing
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